Silenced ……

As the nation was still in a shock on the sad incident of serial attacks on the Polio vaccination team across the country, today another incident has further aggravated the overall melancholic environment in the country. Bashir Bilour, who always used to take vehement stand against the terrorism and any sort of anti-democratic and anti-state actions, was silenced by the ‘kharjities’ aka ‘Tehrik-e-Taliban today in Peshawar.

If we go through the political history of Awami National Party (ANP), then we come across this very fact that ANP has always resisted against the religious fundamentalism and continuously victimized for such stand along with Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP).

In recent times, when Afghan war was started in 1980s, our civil & military elite fought a proxy war in Afghanistan and we got (more thn) enough financial and ammunition support from Middle Eastern states and Uncle SAM. At that time, there were two prominent parties i.e. ANP and PPP which opposed such state policies in Pakistan and clearly stated that it’s not a ‘JIHAD’ (Holy war) but ‘FASAD’ (Riot); and were of the view that whole nation will later be reaping the crop which is going to be cultivated by this Afghan war.

And sadly, what we are witnessing today in the form of terrorism is result of those fatal policies which were sponsored and engineered, to a considerable extent, by the state itself since Zia’s regime.

Almost five years back, Pakistan had to bear the loss in shape of martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto, first female premier of Muslim world. She also took firm stand against terrorism and ultimately victimized by the rigid and fundamentalist frame of mind like Bashir Bilour.

Indeed, persons like Bashir Bilour and Benazir had clear choice to remain silent and allow the terrorists and extremists to do what they are doing, or to stand up and say this is wrong and we are going to try and save the country and undeniably they have taken the second choice courageously…

Rest in Peace Bashir Bilour… You will be missed…  😦 Image


Congratz to Obama..But for us Malala Yusafzai is No. 1 …

Person of the Year

Twenty-seven years after driving from New York City to Chicago in a $2,000 Honda Civic for a job that probably wouldn’t amount to much, Barack Obama, in better shape but with grayer hair, stood in the presidential suite on the top floor of the Fairmont Millennium Park hotel as flat screens announced his re-election as President of the United States. The networks called Ohio earlier than predicted, so his aides had to hightail it down the hall to join his family and friends. They encountered a room of high fives and fist pumps, hugs and relief.

The final days of any campaign can alter the psyches of even the most experienced political pros. At some point, there is nothing to do but wait. Members of Obama’s team responded in the only rational way available to them — by acting irrationally. They turned neckties into magic charms and facial hair into a talisman and…

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Women Suppression in our Society


“WOMAN is not produced from Man’s foot to be stepped on by him;
WOMAN is not produced from Man’s head to be ruled over by him;
BUT WOMAN is produced from Man’s ribs,
under his ARMS to be PROTECTED and NEAR his heart to be LOVED. “

Whatever is happening today is a crystal clear picture of ignorance. We as a society are badly trapped in the grasp of ignorance and regressive convictions. Every dawn brings some episode of disaster for some woman in our society.
The situation in society, especially in the rural areas is again somewhat reminiscent of the dark times before Islam, when there was no justice and women were treated like animals. Newborns were buried alive in those days. Today perhaps women are not being buried under the soil, but they are being buried under the shallow customs and traditions of society, in which women do…

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