Women Suppression in our Society


“WOMAN is not produced from Man’s foot to be stepped on by him;
WOMAN is not produced from Man’s head to be ruled over by him;
BUT WOMAN is produced from Man’s ribs,
under his ARMS to be PROTECTED and NEAR his heart to be LOVED. “

Whatever is happening today is a crystal clear picture of ignorance. We as a society are badly trapped in the grasp of ignorance and regressive convictions. Every dawn brings some episode of disaster for some woman in our society.
The situation in society, especially in the rural areas is again somewhat reminiscent of the dark times before Islam, when there was no justice and women were treated like animals. Newborns were buried alive in those days. Today perhaps women are not being buried under the soil, but they are being buried under the shallow customs and traditions of society, in which women do…

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