fouzia in America

Women in political positions in the Parliaments of the world have almost doubled in the last 15 years. In 1997, Sweden was the only country in the world that had 40% women in their Parliament, and now there are more than ten countries with that number. About 30 countries have more than 30% women. The world average is about 21%. Pakistan ranks 57 out of 140 countries. Considering other extremely low our rankings are in areas of women’s empowerment and safety, at least this is one area we can boast about and celebrate on International Women’s Day. The top positions are taken by Rwanda at 56%, Andorra at 55% and Cuba at 45%, while Philippines and UK are close to Pakistan. USA, with its claims to be the greatest nation in the world and leader of gender equality, holds the 77th position.

The performance of our women Parliamentarians has been…

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