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Real Currencies

Most advanced political and economic debate is dominated by the Americans. Through films like Zeitgeist Addendum, the Money Masters and Money as Debt and books like those of Thomas Greco and Ellen Brown. They have been enormously important contributions to the awakening of the many (including myself!) towards the most pressing problem of our time, our monetary ‘system’.

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Another feather in Police Cap

Recent ludicrous event on Jinnah Avenue Islamabad has once again created enough room to criticize in fact deride the performance of police department in the country. There is no doubt at all that our police surveillance mechanism has badly collapsed over the period of time.

Police has achieved little compared to the amount of funds at their disposal in these last 12 years and the level of independence which they enjoyed. The amount of funds and the ability to use them independently has multiplied manifolds with deterioration in service delivery. It is time they are made accountable and most importantly independent as well. As it is quite evident that working of Police department gets intercepted by the political authorities due to whom they are lacking in the execution of their duties in proper manner.

So, in order to make police more vigilant and efficient, sound institutional independence, De-politicization, and incentive structure re-alignment is the way forward.