No More Talks

“They won’t let us live, I swear, they won’t let us live in this country,” cried an elderly man, his voice echoing. “Are you listening? Mom is dead!” A boy yelled on the phone. He had been looking for his mother at the lady reading hospital. When he found her body, he called home. His hands were trembling and he got the number right after several attempts. These were the voices and scene on Sunday, 22nd on all channels when Christian community was hit by the Talibans in Peshawar.

If I could add further I would wish for us as Pakistanis to be able to ask in what way is Pakistan an Islamic Republic? And if it is not isn’t it itself an act of blasphemy? If a country fails to look after those who are not in positions of power; poor, dispossessed, women, children, minorities to name a few, can it even lay claim to being an Islamic state?

If Pakistan the allegedly Islamic state is Islamic what sort of Islam is it and what sort of sharia does it aspire to implement; Deobandi, Shia, Sallafi, Barelwi, evangelical but to name a few with each of those broader groups having a number of cults and groups within.

We are perhaps at that point in time where Luther felt compelled to nail his thesis to open up a discussion on the ills of how religion had deviated from its intended path to a path that rewarded the rich and maintained the populace ignorant and the clergy powerful.

It’s a high we took this menace head on. Evasion, negotiation, peace talks, cheap talks, political point scoring, cover ups, hiding under the gab of religion, or ignoring the problem will not solve the problem. All parties in the government have collectively and categorically failed at providing a basic citizens’ rights to security. It is the time to act, and act decisively and in vibrant manner. And only doable option in this regard is military operation with full strength. It is often said and criticized by the pro-taliban elements on national arena that in last ten years we have not achieved something substantial via military option but I totally differ with this notion. I am of the view that armed forces have proved its cent percent whenever they are called for assistance by the political elite. Pakistani forces have conducted at least five major military operations, along with numerous smaller operations, since 2001 like Operation Enduring Freedom (2001-2002), operation Al-Mizan (2002-06), operation Sher Dil,  Rah-e-Haq andRah-e-Rast (2007-09) and operation Rah-e-Nijat (2009-10). Similarly, in current circumstances after 40,000 plus civil-military sacrifices the only way to get rid of the militancy is to fight it to elimination.

No retreat ..No surrender.



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