Pervez Musharraf’s Devolution Plan 2000 and Present Scenario of Local Government

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This article is meant for the fulfillment of the course work requirement for the Masters of Philosophy in Political Science, as an interval assignment. The article focuses an overall review of the prevailing situation of the local government, decentralization and devolution of powers for the community uplift and people participation in the community development at grassroots level under the Pervez Musharraf’s Devolution Plan 2000. 


Development is a major event which enable local people to take the responsibility of their own needs if it is implemented as an in its realistic spirit. We being the third world nations are unaware of our basic fundamental rights and at overall our obligations too, the developed states are developed because their communities are the development arms, communities take part in the process of planning, developing and implementing their projects too.

If people don’t care like the third world communities ultimately they are given…

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