President Musharraf’s Vision and Achievements of his tenure

Our leader - Musharraf

Since General Musharraf has decided and declared to return to Pakistan, we consider it imperative that his vision and achievements be brought once again to the kind notice of  the Pakistani public.  A solid economically stable Pakistan is essential to our future’s prosperity and independence!

Compiled by: Afreen Baig  

Updated  March 2013

1. Pakistan economy was the 3rd fastest growing economy in Asia, after China & India in 2006. [Source]

2. Pakistan in 1999 was an economy of $75 billion and now in 2007 it is a $160 billion economy. [Source] and [Source]

3. Industrial sector registered 26% growth. [Source] and Construction activity was 17 years high.

4. Industrial Parks were being setup throughout the country for the very first time. [Source  & this].

5. Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) was 30 year high. LSM rose from 1.5% in 1999 to…

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