President’s address to Nation – 7 point agenda and Future course

Our leader - Musharraf

FULL TEXT (draft) of the speech of the Chief Executive of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf
delivered at 20:30 PST (15:30 GMT) on 17 October 1999

Bismillah -Ar-Rehman-Ar-Rahim

My dear countrymen, Asalam O Alaikum:

Pakistan today stands at the crossroads of its destiny – a destiny which is in our hands to make or break. Fifty-two years ago we started with a beacon of hope. Today that beacon is no more and we stand in darkness. There is despondency, and hopelessness surrounding us with no light visible anywhere around. The slide down has been gradual but has rapidly accelerated in the last many years.

Today, we have reached a stage where our economy has crumbled, our credibility is lost, state institutions lie demolished, provincial disharmony has caused cracks in the federation, and people who were once brothers are now at each other’s throat.

In sum, we have lost our honour, our…

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