Approach of Pakistani society toward status of woman

Naziaiftikhar's Blog

Pakistani society has variety of cultures and  same diversity is found in norms, laws, ethics and social impressions about status of women   in all over multiple cultures of Pakistan .Commonly in rural areas woman status as a mother is considered most respectable place in families but this level of respect varies depending upon the social and  financial status of family.In urban areas strong woman regarding money, education level and link with influential men can naturally raise her status in social circles.Here tag of masculine identity plays an important role to save her from  unexpected attacks of evil like character living in angel ‘s robe.

Being follower of Islamic ideology, Pakistanis  are more influenced  with their  inherent cultural norms like following, patterns of joint and extended family system waiting for men’ approval for final decisions, avoiding giving inheritance to females, different code of conduct and values for men and woman etc…

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